25 Best Things to Do in Warsaw (Poland)

Old Town

Before enduring a 200-year tug-of-war between powers to the east and west, this resilient and unique city on the Vistula was the capital of a federation that held sway over a big slice of Eastern Europe. For all the destruction brought upon Warsaw, there are thrilling fragments from the 16th and 17th century when the … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Brest (France)

Tour Tanguy

A port city through and through, Brest has seen its fair share of empire builders come and go since it grew to prominence in the thirteenth century. Close to the westernmost point of mainland France in Brittany, the city developed around the mouth of the River Penfeld, which opens out into the mighty Atlantic. While … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Vatican City

At just 44 hectares, this fortified hilltop on the right bank of the Tiber is the smallest and least populated country in the world. And yet, as the temporal seat of the pope and the main episcopal see for the Catholic Church, Vatican City holds enormous cultural importance. That status is underpinned by some of … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Stockholm (Sweden)

Gamla Stan

Sweden’s capital is spread across 14 islands where Lake Mälaren meets a Baltic Sea inlet. In Stockholm you’ll find yourself jumping from island to island as each one has its own character and reasons to visit. You can venture into the maze of cobblestone alleys at the Gamla Stan (Old Town), gaze back at the … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Triple Bridge

At the foot of the Kamnik Alps, Slovenia’s capital is in a marshy region that has been inhabited for many thousands of years. The world’s oldest wooden wheel has been brought to light here, dating back 5,200 years, and in Roman times this was a city of 6,000, commanded by a camp where there’s now … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Bern (Switzerland)

Bern Minster

Embraced by a long meander in the Aare River, Bern is surely one of Europe’s prettiest cities, and has an old centre listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Medieval core was rebuilt in stone after a fire in the 15th century, lending it a cohesive appearance that has made it through to present … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Manchester (England)

Manchester Cathedral

Once a key cog in the machine that was industrial Britain, Manchester has gone on to forge itself as Northern England’s cultural capital. While people know the city around the world for its successful football teams, there is much more to it than just sporting prowess. Visitors looking for a dose of culture, whether it … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Oslo (Norway)

Oslo Royal Palace

As waterfront views go, the sight of the Oslo Fjord embraced by its wooded hills is something that may stay with you forever. Much of Oslo’s former industrial harbour has been re-imagined, and is now elevated with bold architecture like the spectacular Opera House, the future Munch Museum and Renzo Piano’s Astrup-Fearnley Museum of Modern … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Bucharest (Romania)


There was a time in the 1990s when only the most intrepid travellers made it to Bucharest. Those days are truly in the past, and the city’s architectural beauty, its surfeit of high-quality museums and pulsating nightlife attract tourists from all walks of life. In Bucharest you’ll discover firsthand just how a capital can absorb … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Madrid (Spain)

Puerta del Sol

Set high in the very centre of the Iberian Peninsula, Madrid has been Spain’s capital since 1561 and is one of the EU’s largest, most prosperous and most liveable cities. Culturally, it’s hard to exaggerate Madrid’s importance, as the former nerve centre of an Empire, and still a bridge between Europe and Latin America when … Read more