15 Best Things to Do in Sheffield (England)

Sheffield Cathedral

The South Yorkshire city of Sheffield has long held its status as a city of national significance, changing to reflect the times we’ve lived through. Once a humble market town, Sheffield experienced a huge boom in size and economic stature during the industrial revolution. Dealing mainly in steel, this led to the appearance of its … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Nottingham (England)

Wollaton Hall, Gardens and Deer Park

Images of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men spring to mind when we think of the East Midlands city of Nottingham. Although the ‘Prince of Thieves’ has done much to excel Nottingham’s international reputation, there is far more to this delightful city than robbing the rich to give to the poor. Sports lovers can wander … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

The third-highest capital in Europe is walled to the south by the 2,300m massif of Vitosha mountain. Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria in 1878 when the Russo-Turkish War closed the book on centuries of Ottoman rule. It’s a city of neo-Byzantine cathedrals and monumental Socialist architecture, but also ample green space, especially in the … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Marseille (France)

Old Port, Marseille

Dating back to at least the ancient Greek and Roman period, Marseille is the oldest city in France, with a history reaching back more than 2,500 years. A port city from the very beginning, it sits on a fine stretch of France’s Mediterranean coastline, with the Côte d’Azur beckoning to the east and Calanques National … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Utrecht (Netherlands)

Oudegracht, Utrecht

On a latticework of snug Medieval streets and alleys, Utrecht is rich in history but is also a university town with pulsating nightlife and exciting culture. Up to the 17th century Utrecht was the base of economic power in the Netherlands, as well as being the centre of Christianity until the Reformation. This city produced … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Liverpool (England)

Mersey Ferry

The city of scouse, dockyard history, The Beatles, intense football rivalry and a famous affability amongst its residents, Liverpool is without a doubt a city that should not be missed. Once famous for its booming dockside, Liverpool was known as the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean and the bustling British Empire. Throughout the mid-20th century, … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Brussels (Belgium)

Mont des Arts

Loved for its delicious cuisine, marvellous architecture and cutting-edge culture, Brussels is a multisensory thrill. There are upwards of 75 museums in Belgium’s capital, and what’s great is how many are within a brief walk or ride of each other. The heart of the city owes its appearance to a program of demolition and reconstruction … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in Vienna (Austria)

Schönbrunn Palace

For six centuries the modern capital of Austria was the helm of a continent-spanning empire, leaving behind a UNESCO World Heritage city centre and world-renowned cultural institutions. A trip to Vienna is a whirl of Baroque palaces, grand boulevards and high culture, as rich as a slice of Sachertorte chocolate cake. And if you ever … Read more

15 Things to Do in Birmingham (England)

Canal District, Birmingham

Once known as the workshop of the world, Birmingham has undoubtedly carved its place in history and cemented its place in the future of modern Britain. Located in the very centre of the country, Birmingham is a bustling metropolis of over one million people and has a vibrant city-culture to match. Wander through the modern … Read more

25 Best Things to Do in The Hague (Netherlands)

Palace Noordeinde

Although The Hague is obviously not the capital of the Netherlands, this culture-packed city is the nation’s administrative centre, the main home of the king and also hosts most of its foreign embassies. The Medieval Binnenhof is the oldest house of parliament in the world still in use, while the UN’s International Court of Justice … Read more